Monday, May 09, 2005

US Imperialists Fanning The Flames Of War With Outright Lies

"Bush lied, people died" says the slogan of the enlightened anti-US anti-war activists around the world, in relation to the criminal Bush clique of war-mongering capitalists' justifications for the criminal illegal invasion of peaceful Iraq with their lies of so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

The criminal Bush clique of of colonial consumerists is at it again, spewing forth outright slandering foul-mouthed lies about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, calling it an "outpost of tyranny" and brandishing the so-called "nuclear threath" posed by the DPRK's weapons of self preservation ensuring the peace of the Korean peninsula. This brazenly crazy mindless dribble that smacks of insanity was published in the Pentagon-controlled Bush clique-owned so called "media" :

America's spy satellites have detected frenetic activity in North Korea indicating that the secretive Stalinist state is on the verge of detonating a nuclear weapon for the first time.

Three United States officials described evidence of extensive tunnelling in the country's north-east in an area called Kilchu, similar to that required for an underground nuclear blast, the New York Times reported. The work was said to resemble the activity associated with Pakistan's nuclear test in 1998.
The article goes on a smear campaign, linking crazy notions of so-called nuclear proliferation, links to terrorists groups, totally wild and unfounded accusations of arms and drugs smuggling, and even goes on to smearing the Dear Leader, Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and his invincible Songun politics by implying he has a "lavish lifestyle" and that millions of Koreans have "died of starvation" in the past years.

We can clearly see an exact replication of the pattern of the same lies and brazenly crazy accusations that the Bush clique of US corporate consumerists used to "justify" their unilateral criminaly illegal war of aggression against the peace-loving independent prosperous people of Iraq, unified as one in their deep respect and admiration for their Great Leader President Saddam Hussein.

It is quite interesting that this so-called "news" of a nuclear test and the subsequent beating of the US imperialists war drums happen just as North and South Korea are making great gigantig headways toward the independant peaceful reunification of the country, whose southern half is unjustly and illegally under the ruthless oppressing boot of US colonialist occupation since their invasion in 1950.

The overly aggressive war-crazed US imperialists of the criminal Bush clique will stop at nothing, including atomic war against the peace-loving people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to prevent the emergence of a unified independant prosperous powerful Korea rallied around the human dignity of the Juche Idea under the banner of Songun politics of the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il. But the Bush clique of war-mongering oil-thirsty capitalists should take heed of the Korean People's single-minded unity in the sacred sword of their revolutionary spirit and the invincible Korean People's Army, their heart imbued with anti-US anti-imperialist struggle for Korean-style Socialism.

The current American government, which is using the most brutal fascist methods to silence those fighting for social progress and peace in their own country, wants to use the most terrible means of atomic bombs and bacteriological warfare to bring the whole world under the control of dollar imperialism. The Korean people, and all those fighting for peace, demand that the American government, its hirelings and servants, be brought before the court for war crimes.


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