Friday, May 27, 2005

Japanese Militarists Lording It Over

The criminal Japanese militarists of the war criminal-worshipping Koizumi clique of US imperialist Bush puppets, in a blatant effort to stifle the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its Juche Idea-based society and in order to meddle in its internal affairs, are taking overly aggressive steps to destroy DPRK shipping in a disgraceful display of hostility, we learn from Japan Today :

N Korean ship warned not to play music too loud or it won't be let in

NIIGATA - The Niigata prefectural government has issued a warning to the North Korean ferry Mangyongbong-92, saying it played music too loudly when the ship made its latest port call on Monday and it could be denied access to the port if no appropriate response is received, prefectural government officials said Wednesday.

The local government issued the ferry a permit to dock at the port from last December onward on condition that "the volume of sound emitted from loudspeakers, etc., at Niigata Port be kept within the socially acceptable range," in line with its port management regulations, according to the officials. (Kyodo News)

If the Japanese militarists, full of resentment at the severe defeat they suffered at the hands of the Korean people's anti-Japanese armed struggle under the immortal leadership exploits of the Great Leader Comrade Eternal President Kim Il Sung, keep on aggravating the political instability of the region at the behest of the US imperialist Bush clique of capitalist cowboys, they will learn at their expense that they cannot browbeat the DPRK into submission.

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