Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dear Leader Great Unequaled Inflexible Military Genius

All forward with our Dear Leader the Great General!

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the great peerlessly brilliant general of Mt. Paektu born on the Sacred Mountain is a great unequaled inflexible military genius of a large caliber always on the breach to stiffen the steel-strong rock-hard ranks of the Korean People's Army into a match-for-a-hundred invincible fighting force of strong patriotic anti-US anti-imperialist revloutionary spirit with a zeal of defending the Leader with their own lives at one stroke.

Once again Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il found the perfect way to uplift the capability of the Korean People's Army in a creative way, providing the men servicepersons and women servicepersons of the invincible KPA with an equipment of decisive strategic power value, reports the wickedly militarist Japanese media Japan Today :

N Korean leader wants karaoke machines for military to boost morale

BEIJING — North Korean leader Kim Jong Il plans to provide more karaoke machines to the country's military after finding they help boost morale, according to a recent report in the country's official newspaper. The Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the Workers Party of Korea, quoted Kim as commenting: "I plan to send more song-accompanying machines to the People's Armed Forces."

The brilliance of the Leader knows no bounds and this stroke of invincible genius boosts the effective invincibility of the Korean people's Army a thousandfold, sending the criminal US imperialists reeling in a panic, smashing their moves for pre-emptive nuclear war iin the Korean Peninsula at one stroke.



point5asian said...

A no-rae-bang box is great for a christmas present....but one has to wonder what songs they have to sing?

Is every song on the machine a "I love KJI for killing my family" tune?

Its like getting car w/out any tires or gas.

Anonymous said...

Amerasian in Daeju said: Is every song on the machine a "I love KJI for killing my family" tune?

Yes. If you've heard one you've heard 'em all.

I don't guess KJI will be at President Ford's state funeral. He doesn't get out much since he only travels by train.

Unknown said...

The American and South Korean troops are probably turning their heads and covering their ears to what is the worst singing in human kind history coming from Kim Jong-Il's Karaoke machine. Nice to see that the N. Koreans are embracing Japanese culture and technology in the meantime...

Juche Science, apply directly to the forehead, desu~

i'm so ronrey said...

there are other favorites:

"Want some grass with that bark"

"Where oh where did my little dog go...hey! spit that out"

"Lights....or not"

"I wanna girl just like the girl abducted for dear old dad"

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow, communism at it's finest. I can smell the propaganda from there to here, in the USA.

Seriously, what is the deal with all of the titles for Kim Jong Il? Makes me wonder if he isn't compensating for something else.

Anonymous said...

That's funny because politic is as Generic Viagra
you use it at the first time and you enjoy everything that politicians said and them everything is false.

Unknown said...