Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Spirit

Across the world for all people from all walks of life representing a broad section of society, Christmas is a time of compassion, peace, and general progressive goodwill of socialist solidarity and friendship between the comrades enjoying the fruits of love and caring for one another. This is the socialist Christmas spirit most demonstrated by the benevolent man-based socialist regimes of DPRK, Cuba, and Turkmenistan to name a few.

Now let's take a look at the "American" Christmas spirit :

While the working class "American" people die in the sorry squalid streets...

...Bush steals the poor little ethnic minority negro children's presents for sale in "Israel"...

...While his criminal mercenary guns-for-hire no good evil GIs steal Iraqi children for the Jews' illegal blood cakes.

This is the true face of "American" Christmas so called "spirit". "America" the monster!

Happy Christmas to all progressive socialist supporters of Dear Leader. May you all be reached by our best wishes of Peace, Love, Liberty, and Justice for the masses.

And Death to America!


Anonymous said...

Peace on the peninsula, goodwill towards bloggers.

We wish you a Juche Christmas
We wish you a Juche Christmas
We wish you a Juche Christmas
and a Songun New Year.

Peter K Fallon, Ph.D. said...
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Anonymous said...

Doc Fallon says the same thing every time, but he did add a few interesting adjectives to his description this time.

He also said:
-Unless you all inbreed, which appears to be a possibility.-
Uhhh, whats up Doc? That appears to be a sentence fragment and I wouldn't have put it in a paragraph by itself, but I ain't no grammar Nazi hehehe.

Unknown said...

Fishing Nut can't say anything coherent.

point5asian said...

Fishing nut is too cool. This guy is for sure not N. Korean. His style of writing/joking is very obvious. He is just too funny.

Just read his last entry. Style reveals itself.

MarkHenryC said...

Mister Doctor has discovered the TEMPLATE!

AmersfoortTristan said...

This guy (Songunblog) is nuts !
Whoever believes this CRAP should be wearing a straight-jacket

i'm so ronrey said...

those pesky minorities....back in the, back in the, back in the DPRK (ok, doesn't have the same ring as USSR) there is no racism....cause there's only one race....cause those "other kinda babies" end up with the placenta in the bio-waste bin.

Ruya said...

With what all the Jew hating, this blog must be run by Alejandro Cao de Benos de Les y Perez himself.