Thursday, October 27, 2005

Views From Paradise

Since the criminal clique of capitalist war provokers and ring-leaders of world turmoil in the so called "White House" led by the criminal US imperialist Bush and his henchmen, hirelings, and servants pass off massive amounts anti-Korean propaganda lies, mistruths, and fabrications as so called "information" about the DPRK and its Leader freely chosen by the Korean people, Songun Blog as taken the initiative to counter the twisted evil plots and conspiracies of the war criminal Bush and his dark followers by showing the reality of life in the DPRK that is the People's Paradise with the recurring series Views From Paradise.

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Ever thougthfull and considerate of the Korean children's needs, and as protector of world children, Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il has always made sure that the Pyongyang Zoo always have cats, to bring joy and happiness to the lives of the children with the warm fatherly love of the Leader.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you have cats in a zoo? Most people have them in their house as a pet.

Anonymous said...

It might be a small "cabla" of leader Kim Jong Il. Look! Who the cats look alike?

Anonymous said...

cabla -> cabal

Songun Warrior said...

These are the finest Songun cats, well-bred and resolute in their adoration for, and loyalty to, generallisimo and renowned scatologist Kim Jong il. With every tuna-scented breath they declare their love for Dear Leader.

Kim Jong Seok said...

The cats are so cute! I love the cats because they are soft and make purr sound when I hug them, unlike seaguls who poop on head of world children. *hugs cats*

Leader Kim Jong Il is the warm fatherly protector of world children and I love him very much more than everything. <3<3<3

But I hate seaguls and Bush the war criminal >_<

Anonymous said...

i was here