Thursday, October 06, 2005

US Imperialism Reason Behind Songun Blog Scarce Updates

We apologize to our faithful world progressive comrades for the lack of updates to the Songun Blog recently.

Because of the evil nature of the criminal Bush clique of nefarious capitalistic US imperialists who lord it over, our time was being used to secretely investigate bone-chilling revelations about the criminal Bush clique of murderous colonialists in Iraq, an undecover secret investigation we are conducting straight from the Songun Blog secret headquarters.

The results of this investigation, conducted in typical Songun Blog Juche-based revolutionary fashion will astonish the world and spurr the progressives to once more castigate the Bush clique of vampires as the worst war criminals in world history, revealing the true face of dollar capitalism.

Stay tuned, Comrades!


Cha Gwang Su said...

Your return calms our fearful hearts like the scented breeze at Mangyongdae!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, I had feared that you were the victim of the brutal imperialist cabal and their running dogs.