Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Koreans Speak About Japan

The criminal wicked reactionary militarist Japs are the enemy of humankind hell-bent on re-invading the Korean Peninsula as a stepping-stone to world conquest, brazingly revealing their true colors of warmongering capitalist colonial oppressors.

The Korean people know this very and are not afraid to stand up to the criminal wicked Japs armed with Patriotism and Juche.

This is for Jeju-do the happy puppet who clamors all around that the Korean people love the Japs. But his wild claims are nothing but a pipe dream from which he is well-advised to wake up lest he be swimming counter to the flow of the times.


D. A. Shaw said...

"This is for Jeju-do the happy puppet who clamors all around that the Korean people love the Japs"

Yeah, thats why they are speaking the "imperial language" with the "imperial accent".

Anonymous said...

You keep cheering Manse but I think you mean to say Manning Manning

Dr. Fallon said...

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Sleight of Mind
I started noticing something was wrong with television almost immediately after I got into it. I started at NBC in June of 1982. Two years later, the Communications Act of 1984 had changed everything. Pushed through by the Reagan administration under FCC Chairman Mark Fowler (who said TV was in no more need of regulation than any other household appliance, because TV was just "a toaster with pictures"), this began the era of media deregulation. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Images become more important than words and ideas. Images sell air time. Ratings begin to matter. Extremely visual stories trump "boring" stories that might, however, actually affect us. And even when TV is covering newsworthy stories, the coverage is brief and lacks context, and the entire experience seems incoherent.

Today, news has become entertainment, entertainment has become news, and the viewer has become ignorant of the world around him.

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