Monday, February 12, 2007

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il Is The Shining Sun And The Hope Of All Humankind Video Marathon

People of the outside world live in complete darkness, all means of media being under the slaugtherful control of the jew Murdoch working as a front for furthering the criminal designs of the Bush so called "White" House of fascist oppression. Thus world people are brainwashed into believing the most spurious blatantly false lies such as that the DPRK being unfree.

This is not the case in the DPRK. The Constitution of the DPRK clearly defends the freedom of the press and, under the wise guidance of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prolific author, prodigious humanist and invincible strategist, the revolution was brought about in the mass media.

North Korean media is a mass-based socialist media which truly serves the people by faithfully broadcasting what the Party intends. With the Leader himself working all nights to correct and polish the contents of the media, the people can rely on Korean media for a real clear grasp of the world situation and the people become pillars of the Juche Revolution in full bloom!

How blessed are the Korean people, informed by Kim Jong Il the Great Media Man!


Dr. Fallon said...

The fascinating thing about it all is that no one -- no one -- lives "in complete darkness." That's the irony. As a recent television show used to say (so I've heard), "the truth is out there." Well, that particular "truth" was more to the liking of conspiracy nuts and sci-fi addicts, but the point is a good one: there IS truth, and it is there to be found.

If you give a shit and care to look for it.

Those who live IN THE DARK choose to do so. They turn their backs on the truth because it is unpleasant, "irrational" (from their own distorted perspectives), or "inconvenient." Like the readers of this (so-called) "blog."

It amuses me ( a fact I am ashamed to admit) how naive most of the readers of this (so-called) "blog" are. You really take this seriously. You really believe the (so-called) "blogger" is a North Korean extolling the virtues of North Korean slavery. I'm amazed how none of you seem to be able to see through this.

I'm flabbergasted at how you are unable to see that every link, every mention, every endorsement by this (so-called) "blog" is an implicit indictment, and how any and every reasonable argument made -- not just by myself, but by others listed on the "links" -- is tarred-and-feathered by association with this silly, silly (so-called) "blog."

There are many dark corners in the world, and many in the human mind. The light is there, the truth is there, but we have to open our minds -- and our hearts -- to it.

We have not yet achieved (if that is the appropriate word) life "in complete darkness." But don't think we can't. This (so-called) "blog" is working to extinguish the light.

Don't let it.

Amerasian in Daegu said...

Complete darkness? Is that why N. Korea said that they would stop their Nuclear program for ELECTRICTY? WHAT THE FUCK?????????

James Waterton said...

Don't mind the Doctor, he'll disappear up his own fundamental orifice soon.

"Korea's radio broadcasts faithfully what the Worker's Party intends"

I completely believe that!

Dr. Fallon said...

Don't mind "James Waterton," he'll disappear in the rapture of his own inflated ego soon.

Tell us more, "James Waterton." The world hangs on your every word. (That's irony. How am I doing?)

Dr. Fallon said...

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, thank you, "James Waterton," for keeping the focus of this (so-called) "blog" exactly where its (so-called) "author" wants it to be: on ME!!!

sensible swim said...

The so-called "James Waterton" is no match for the Mr Dr Sir Peter Fallon MD PHP ASP!

He has not the slightest trace of the non-adolescent fluffy beard nor the prestigious senior's card required for all reality-based progressive intellectual discourse!

Dr. Fallon said...

I take back (some of) the nasty things I said about you earlier. You, sir, are a pisser.

James Waterton said...

The world hangs on your every word. (That's irony. How am I doing?)

Not so well, I'm afraid. That's better described as sarcasm. Lesser minds regularly conflate the two.

keeping the focus of this (so-called) "blog" exactly where its (so-called) "author" wants it to be: on ME!!!

You really think the author of this blog wants its focus to be on...YOU?!? Oh, my giddy aunt.

And this from a man who calls me narcissistic.

Dr. Fallon said...

Sorry, "James Waterton," that was irony. It is you who are confused. The palpable anger (borne of a fragile ego that sees itself a failure) in your every comment indicates your use of sarcasm.

Me? I'm not angry. I get a lot of laughs from your desperate attempts to be "highbrow" (NEVER say something by which you refuse to be judged). It's irony, "sir" (and that was irony, too).

You really think the author of this blog wants its focus to be on...YOU?!? Oh, my giddy aunt.

Your giddy aunt? Very quaint, "James Waterton."

And, yes, I not only think the (so-called) "author" of this (so-called) "blog" wants its focus to be on ME, I know it for a fact. He (she?) extended me a direct and personal invitation over a year ago, which I declined for a while to accept, and even begged to have rescinded.

But the invitation remains, as do I.

At such point that I no longer feel welcomed by the (so-called) "author," I may well disappear. Or maybe not. I do get such a guilty pleasure reading the foppishly affected "comments" (bleatings, really) of people like you, who have done nothing, accomplished nothing, and in fact tried nothing in their lives, but yearn desperately and pathetically for respect. It woud be hard for me to go.

By the way, I'll bet you're Maartin of Maastricht. He was just as desperate to appear sophisticated as you....

Dr. Fallon said...

Oh, and Maartin -- I mean "James Waterton" -- for the record, I never called you "narcissistic." I called you, perhaps, egotistical, desperate, emotionally insecure, impotent, a failure, and a poor chess player.

But I never called you "narcissistic."

Have a nice day!!!

James Waterton said...

Oh, Doc, you're too easy. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this when I get home. Until then...

Dr. Fallon said...

Like the rest of the world, "James Waterton," I await your next gambit breathlessly.

That's irony again.

Now go back to your mirror.

USpace said...

Very interesting discourse...

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starve your people

always keep them in the dark
execute them at will

Dr. Fallon said...

My gosh, "James Waterton," you must have some long commute!!!

Dr. Fallon said...

absurd thought -
God of the universe says
always point to others' sins
ignore your own

Dr. Fallon said...

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God of the universe says
all those things my Son said
and did and died for, ignore
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Dr. Fallon said...

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Adam Smith read my mind
Heaven is free-market

Jallen said...

I have noticed some anti-semitism in your words. Why is that? Karl Marx himself was a jew and so was the great general of the Red Army Leon Trotski.