Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il Is The Shining Sun And The Hope Of All Humankind Video Marathon

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il build the Korean nation into the nation of health and sport under his wise guidance. Comrade Kim Jong Il taught the Korean athletes the ideological foundations of sport so they would achieve the honor of the nation, pushing Korea at the forefront of world sporting excellence.

Leader Kim Jong Il devised the World Youth and sports festival in Pyongyang into the anti-US anti-imperialist worldwide meeting to deepen the ties of friendship and peace between world nations as well as castigate the criminal US imperialists as the worst human rights abusers in humankind history.

All world people then praised the Leader as the Immortal Sun of Juche.

Under the wise guidance of General Kim Jong Il the Korean nation is blessed with the unusual sporting excellence because the Leader is the Great Athlete!



Dr. Fallon said...

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Kenneth said...

Master of the arts, Great Architect, Fashion Designer, Great Dietetician, Great Media Man, Master of Creation, Great Traveller, Great Athlete.

This is what you have been claiming these last posts.

First of all, one look at the Ryugyong Hotel and you can tell that he isn't a great architect because a great architect would have FINISHED THE JOB!

Fashion Designer? Does he ever whear anything else? Why does he keep wearing the fat suit?

Great Dietetician?? He fucking fat!

Master of Creation? So what did his father do since he inherited everything from him? Why do you keep disrespecting KimSungIL? Is he yesterdays news?

Great Traveller? Does't the fat bitch hate to fly and travel everywhere via train? Where has he gone besides China? I have been to more places that his chunky ass!

Great Athlete??? Really?? Do I have to keep going back to the fact that he is fat chunky bastard?

Oh by the way, when N. Korea recieves it electricty to keep their houses warm, you can thank us...but then again, your fat leader will probably keep it for himself.


USpace said...

Very enlightening, long live the truly great ones...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
keep the BIG lie alive

communism is the BEST
thievery by the state

Jim Long Mik said...

kim jong il is plump because he chooses to be plump. The great leader can run as fast as he wants bacause he chooses.

Kim jong il is the one and must be respected if you do not respect him he will smite you which is his greatest insult.

His train is a majical train that goes where he chooses. Let it be known that no one has been too as many places as he has in his majical train.

His fashion is way ahead of it's time and great leader is promoting his greatest fashion works to the world.

It is the same with his architecture, you do not have his light shining on you or you would see that his amazing works are too godlike for a normal human to apretiate.

great leader must be respected