Sunday, March 05, 2006

Songun Video : Brilliant Commander Of Songun

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is the brilliant Commander of Songun. Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is the most brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, prolific author, and invincible military commander in the world. This is beacaue he created the correct political mode of Songun politics along the Juche-oriented line of Great Leader President Kim Il Sung.

All the Korean people int he DPRK and south Korea, along with all world progressives rally around the sacred Banner of Songun politics of Leader Kim Jong Il. Under the wise guidance of Leader Kim Jong Il the Workers' Party of Korea, Army, and People have build the perfect utopian socialist workers' Paradise that is the envy of the world in making the great prosperous powerful country with the man-centered Juche-based socialist system of Korean style they have freely chosen for themselves.

The hearts of all Koreans at home and abroad are throbbing in single-minded harmonious monolithic unity with the real sincere genuine enthousiasm of complete total unquestioning blind loyalty for the Leader that is the lifeblood of the Korean nation and his sacred Songun politics that are the treasured Sword of Might.

The combination of the perfect flawless leadership of Leader Kim Jong Il that has never even once suffered a single setback, reverse, failure, disaster or fiasco, and his Songun politics have made the socialist Korean Motherland into an impregnable fortress bristling with the bayonets of flesh of the invincible Korean People's Army and People vowing eternal obedience and loyalty for the Leader and casting their lot with him in a do-or-die spirit or revolutionary militant zeal, posing the dilema that no formidable enemy even dare oppose, challenge or provoke.

As long as there is Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the Brilliant Commander of Songun, the Korean nation shall never be defeated by the criminal mental retard US imperialist arrogant challenger Bush and his demented insane crazy mad entourage of military fetish freaks and capitalist hawkish warmongering oppressors.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a proud Korean American, US Soldier, who would like to let you know that there are many more like me that completely oppose the drivel you shit onto this site.

We are ready to liberate North Korea whenever our country calls.


PS- Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work and future work against oppressive totalitarian dictatorships in East Asia, I must keep my identity concealed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

I had never realized the beauty of the DPRK. Both my wife and I are completely discouraged by the warmonger Bushhilter. We are wondering now about emmigrating to your beautiful country, as I hope many of our friends here in California are. How are real estate prices? Please write soon.

Anonymous said...

f'ing brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Comrade Banner of Songun, Hail! Hail! Hail! The tiny brains imperialist rats such as the "anonymous" user who posted on 06 March, 2006 05:31 are no match for the genius and brillance of Comrade Banner of Songun. Only Comrade Banner of Songun has the intelligence to rival those of Leader Kim Jong Il.

Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail Leader Kim Jong Il!

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. It makes a compelling case for the glory of Kim Jong il. I will ponder its message with an open mind (and I must point out that he is a very handsome man, but I'm not gay).

Regarding the question above, from Anonymous (the second one), I hear that real estate in North Korea is very affordable. It's a win/win situation if you buy there. Kim Jong il, in his wisdom, limits the price, to assure that everyone can get a good deal.

Anonymous said...

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Cha Gwang Su said...

My keyboard explodes in a garland of 10,000 sparks as tears of love flood from my face! Oh masterwork of man-centred Juche cinematic arts! Banner of Songun, your work is indeed wholly worthy of the General, to go beyond which praise is neither possible nor thoughtable!

Hail Bright Sun of Juche! Hail Banner of Songun!

dean04prez said...

Epic. Stirrring.

I'm speech-less.

KimJongIl is Gay said...

Donkey dick....Kim Jong Il and all his lil bitch-boys suck on donkey dicks.

Buying land in the North? hahahahhaa thats funny...affordable? hahaahha thats classic!! This site gets gayer w/ time as does Kim Jong Ils 2nd son....u know...the fag that was supposed to run the country!!

Isn't he turing into a woman?

Anonymous said...

While watching that video I spontaneously sprang to my feet praising aloud the glories of the Songon Leader, the Great Morning Sun and the Lodestar of the 21st century! The truth and wisdom of Comrade Kim Jong Il speaks directly to the hearts of all Progressive people.

Even as I type this my keyboard is wet with tears of joy! Boundless enthusiasm for the Dear Leader and the socialist glory of the DPRK.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see a country taking the task of preserving its military heritage seriously. Those tanks of yours are two generations older than the ones the British Army uses as targets on its firing ranges. Some of your planes are a bit modern for my liking but it's nice to see something from the Glam Rock era still taking to the skies. I just hope your troops never come up against a modern army - it would be like Napoleon confronting a WW-2 Army at Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sixth Anonymous.

Thank you for writing. We are very excited. We are now trying to find a MLS agent in the DPRK to help us locate that 'just right' home. Unfortuneately, we have been unable to find any listings? I am guessing with the big exodus from America they probably are very busy and don't need to advertise. Do you think so? Does anyone have a special friend there that could help? Also, not to be a pest but, my currency convertor keeps giving odd results. Surely a can of Green Giant green beans can't cost $3700.00. Any ideas? thanks,

the Second Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Proxy of the Glorious Leader, I know that his royal highness Kim is a passionate film fanatic of great films like Scarface, Friday the 13th, and The Godfather. Could you please point him out to a decadent corrupt Western adult site known as Wild Monkey Sex?

I'm sure Glorious Leader would approve, and spend the next quarter's rice budget on the live sex cams!

2nd Anonymous said...

Sixth Anonymous, my currency converter was doing the same thing (we are probably using "corporate" currency converters, which are engineered to make socialism look bad). I did some looking around and found Kim-Songun brand beans for only $2500, but it's moot anyway because Kim Jong il, in his wisdom and benevolence, supplies the needs of all. Myrtle and I will maybe see you over there, once we get out of this hell-hole of a country.

Anonymous said...

Glory to the DPRK!

Andy said...

Wow can I buy a condo on the 101 floor of ryugyong tower??? I would love to increase my real estate holdings as this miserable capitalism only allows me one house and one apartment building so far!!!

Someone tole me that Ryugyong tower is a hotel and I cannot buy units there, I am pissed?

My tiny house has only 162 square meters. I have been told that the condo in Ryugyong has 250 square meters and all residents in Pyongyand have at least 200 square meters in their apartments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to buy the condo??? how much is it??