Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mental Retard


Karridine said...

t took a while, but soon your honest, pure, untainted, straight and forthright sharing of the honest, scrupulous and diligently-researched FACTS about the usurper-retard nazi-reject warmonger in the US White House began to come through to me.

When I then read again your selfless declarations of solidarity, I am moved to declare likewise that you might find something to your liking at the quaintly-named but nimbly-posted:


The chief poster there records MP3s of pure, honest, fluff-free, satire-drenched and reality-soaked paeans to the pure and perfect among humankind, namely Kim Jong-il...

Or people like him, like Corrie Rachel, J. Bentish and ROPMA Dick Rather!

Anonymous said...

LMAO funny sight man you really epitomise those retarded korean Communists Ill send my friends a link to this site maybe we can even get together and share some ideas for jokes about the french or Chinese communists