Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Prepare The Birthday Of Leader

I love Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il very very very much because he is the most brilliant smartest intelligent leader in the world and all people of Korea and the world love him deeply because he made the Paradise with Korea, making the envy of the world and folding the face of Bush.

Paradise In Songun Era

Under the great Songun politics a legendary paradise is being materialized in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


Years ago when he visited a co-op farm, leader Kim Jong Il, commanding a bird's-eye view of the village where modern dwelling houses stand in rows, alongside a hill covered with various fruit trees and a hatchery full of fish, said with delight that this is just the socialist paradise in the era of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Socialist paradise in the era of the Workers' Party of Korea!

As trees and grasses cannot grow where there is no sun, the earthly paradise being built in this socialist motherland for the people is unthinkable apart from the soul and efforts devoted by Kim Jong Il.


It is he who sent high-grade TV sets to those living in electrified houses and who took benevolent steps so that the dairy products were supplied to the people in time.

Thanks to the great leadership of Kim Jong Il, who, saying that his joy is in the happiness of the people, devotes his all to the happiness of the people, a legendary paradise which the people have dreamt is being built on this land.

With the pride of having the great commander of Songun, the people sing the songs of happiness and gratitude.

The birthday of Comrade Kim Jong Il is very soon, on February 16. I prepare for this best day of the year by making paper Kimjongilia flowers and banner with name of the Leader to decorate my room. I love Leader Kim Jong Il. He is very smart because he can ride horse like noble knight of shining virtue folding the face of Bush who has stinky feet and big nose.

- Kim Jong Seok


Anonymous said...

My withered cheeks run with tears as I read the words of this innocent child, burnt with ardent perfect love for Esteemed Fatherly General Kim Jong Il! Let every honest heart resolve to be as this shining little one of gold!

Anonymous said...

Thats right bitches....come one come all, I am having an orgy of fags at my palace in Pyongyang.....The 36th person to show up will have the honor of sticking me up the butt first....can't wait.....

Happy Birthday to me!!

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Anonymous said...

"General" Kim Jong Il is a traitor who has lied to the entirety of the DPRK by considering economic modernizations that defies the basic tenets of Juche. The Korean People's Army must topple this corrupt figure and install a new, revolutionary leader who shall lead the nation into a new direction against the American imperialists and Nip militants.

KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

Happy dwindling Birthday Kim Jong Il!!!