Monday, February 27, 2006

Back Into The Fray

It is good to be back into the endless battle of socialist justice angainst US so called "democracy" after having survived a war criminal assassination attempt by the criminal Bush gang-led CIA using the germ warfare weapon that is banned by international law, shedding yet againt the new light upon the true nature of dollar capitalism that is the scourge of the world.

Having said that there is much catching up to events to do in order to set the record straight and not let the war criminal US imperialist arrogant challengers swim counter to the flow of the times one minute longer.

We wish to thank profusely the good comradely socialist brothers who sent us their best wishes of health in this time of crisis, and highly praise comrade Kim Jong Seok for holding the trench line against the war criminal slandering vituperations of the war criminal Bush clique of mental retard white supremacist redneck racist renegade hawkish warmongers that are the worst human rights abusers in humankind history. It was very brave of her to put her innocent life on the line, under the war criminal assassination threats of the CIA Langley two-bit killers acting out on the express orders of the war criminal Bush who is the most fascist right-wing dictator with a military fetish complex in humankind history.

We will return to regular postings forth.


Anonymous said...

Comrade Banner, no doubt your spirits were low during your recuperation, but by surviving this germ warfare attack of the immoral retarded Bush junta, you have been raised up as a glorious inspiration for us all. You have shown that the Bush capitalist warmongrel genocidal war attack machine can be defeated. Downtrodden masses of the world, RISE UP! and crush the made crazy insane retarded Bushitler regime!!!1!

Anonymous said...

Hey stupid....your dude got sick cause your health-care system is in the think that the US Gov gives a rats-ass about him? Bush sent over a germ to attack him? Come on? If he wanted to send germs over, all you mother fuckers would be dead....and the world a better place...FUCK OFF!!


Anonymous said...

Hail Comrade Banner of Songun! Hail! Hail! Hail!

Anonymous said...

Why do you write in the oppresor's language and not the exhalted language of the great people of Korea?

Anonymous said...

If you used a condom with that whore Kim Jong Seok, you wouldn't have gotten sick.

D'Wayne 'Red' Mendoza said...

I thing Kim Jong Seok is sounds like she is prettty hot. Do yuo have a picture or maybe how I could hook up w/ her?

Anonymous said...

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