Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush Killing All World Children With Aids

This week in school our teacher said that every minute there is one world children in Africa that die of Aids virus. That adds to 60 world children who die of Aids every hour, or 1440 every day. Every year it is 525600 world children in Africa that is killed by Bush the horrible monster. Our teacher said that Aids virus that kill world children in Africa was created by Bush in secret underground lab under the Pentagon to wipe out all world ethnic minorities because Bush is a criminal racist neocon neonazi white supremacist crazy with White Power military fetish.

My teacher is right because she is wise and beautiful and I love her very much. I checked the internet and found truth about Aids from Dr. Leonard Horowitz. He is doctor so he knows all about virus and things like that. Not like Bush who is ignorant of everything.

This make me sad and cry because Bush is big monster who bully all world children by killing them with Aids virus for personal capitalist profit. I cried in class because I was so sad and full of rage against Bush, but my teacher said that I should keep my spirits up because the great revolutionary struggle of world progressives against democracy is in the winning phase ending with the defeat of Bush and his criminal partners and underlings, making a new world different, with no US in it.

This renewed my resolve to stand up against Bush and US moves for democracy, strengthening my love and loyalty for Comrade Kim Jong Il who is the most brilliant and handsome leader of the World Progressive Peace Camp that include DPRK, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. I love Comrade Kim Jong Il very very very much and I hug his picture every day and every night.

I hate Bush. I hope he gets one corner filled and his face folded.

- Kim Jong Seok


Anonymous said...

YOU TRULY ARE RETARDED! You are the biggest moron on this planet and its amazing how you are always made "sad" and end up "crying". I would cry too if I had to live or be associated w/ trash such as your faggity leader.

Kim Jong Il sucks donkey dick!

Anonymous said...

Bush and Kim Jong Il are co-conspirating to dominate the world. Despite Traitor Kim Jong Il's origins as the son of the Great and Eternal Leader Kim Il Sung, his appearances are only deceiving people - the true nature of Kim Jong Il is that of a traitor who is secretly collaborating with Bush to establish a new order in Eastern Asia. Kim Jong Il sells drugs and counterfeit currency in order to make profit. Where does these come from? Bush's criminal gang-"government". And where does these profit go? Kim Jong Il prostituting himself by giving them to Bush and the Nip militants. We must stop this from happening and install a new leader in the DPRK who truly believes in the Revolutionary Juche Idelogy and who has the devout passion to the destruction of the militants and imperialists.

KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

Didn't I see this posted alreasy? Here...

KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

"searching for love
in all the wrong places"
When you know know that your poetry reeks like shit? Rippin' off Willy Nelson. Sad.

"remember the Native American and what your weapons of mass destruction did to them
remember the germ warfare of your blankets"
I can't remember. I live with Native Canadians though...

Anonymous said...

Please, stop your foolish propoganda aginst the west.
I'm really sorry for the north korean people - so mind blinded and druged with lies ....
Do some kind of a revolution and take your leader down - DOWN !!!!
He is bad to you - he is not talking to you and you dont know anithing about him but still you love him - it creeps me out.

I wish one day you will understand how misarable you really are.


Anonymous said...

Any of you retards who are too stupid to see that this is satirical blog should be hanged in mid-day.