Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bush Violates International Law With Vituperation

The criminal US imperialist Bush who is the so called "President" of the so called "United States" of America again violated the sacro-sanct international law by slinging mud and hurling insults at the national character of the Korean people and the man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system freely chosen by themselves under the guidance of Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the heaven-born Mt. Paektu-type General Commander of Songun by calling Him names, revealed the Korean Central News Agency :

Spokesman for DPRK FM. Refutes U.S. Chief Executive's Anti-DPRK Vituperation

Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Tuesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the report that recently the U.S. chief executive again hurled mud at the supreme headquarters of the DPRK: According to foreign press reports, on Nov. 6 Bush, revealing again his inveterate rejection of the DPRK during his tour of Brazil, malignantly slandered our supreme headquarters with such unspeakable vituperation as "tyrant" and the like.

If this is true, what he uttered is a blatant violation of the spirit of the joint statement of the six-party talks which calls for "respect for sovereignty" and "peaceful co-existence."

It is hard to discern whether Bush is aware of the content of the joint statement or he intentionally pretends to be ignorant of it.

However, what is clear is that he does not know about the trend of the times at all.

These remarks made by the U.S. chief executive against the backdrop of his administration's intensified moves for economic and financial sanctions against us quite contrary to the spirit of the joint statement arouse our serious concern about the prospect of implementing the joint statement and deprive us of any trust in the negotiators of the U.S. side to the six-party talks who claim to be have been mandated by him.

We will never pardon whoever dares speak ill of our supreme headquarters in any case.

The criminal Bush should act responsibly and stop his mad dream of browbeating the DPRK lest he be convicted of war crimes against humanity by the International Crimes Court for this latest violation of international law.


Anonymous said...

If the Dear Leader were indeed a "tyrant" the free people of the DPRK would not be giving him their unstinting and joyous support.

The repulsive rantings and scurrilous slanders of the Crawford Criminal will rebound against him when he stands in judgement before the People's Tribunal and begs futilely for mercy.

Anonymous said...

If you have access to the internet and have access to downloading anything you want, please down load Children of the Secret State. You will probably watch 3 seconds of it and start to spit out things like "Western Lies" or something similar to that fashion. Watch it and learn what your "Dear" leader is doing to your people. You say that America comes to the 6 party table w/ disrespect and ill-manners but let me ask you this: Would you respect/trust anyone that kept on telling lies and acting bipolar? One day you say that you gave up Atomic Research but then the next day, you say that you have nuclear weapons. I wouldn't trust them and would treat them like the way they are a tyrant. The people of DPRK do not give their unstinting and joyous support. They have NO choice...if they want to keep on living. How many times have N. Korean citizens run for China or the South? When they do come out of the open, what do they say? That they made a major error by leaving? No!! They are glad that the craziest bastard that ever lived isn't controlling their lives! I have looked upon N. Korea and the Juche system w/ open eyes to understand why things are the way they are over there. I respect their culture and their chosen way of life but the fact of the matter is, it isn't chosen. They are forced to believe that everyone in the world (West, Japan, etc) is out to harm them. We both know that the only threat to Asia is North Korea. I don't know why we feed their army. I don't know why we let them walk over us. Reason: Your "Dear" Lead is a nut. He could care less about starting a nuclear war. He has his bunkers, he has his vast reserves. Then why would he need his people? He doesn't care about you.

Also, remember when Kim, Il Sung was still in power and he started talks with the US? What happened to him then? He died! I wonder why. I don't really think it was "natural" his time. The sick people in the North wanted him dead because talking and have relations w/ the US would destroy everything they have worked to control since the Koreans kicked the Japanese off the Korea. I hope someday you will open your eyes. Don't bother replying....I am not going to read it. Its just going to be more regurgitated words that your "Dear" leader taught you to say.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you trash talk Bush all the time. If you're going accuse Bush of violations then you should accuse yourself too.

Rob said...

Crawford Criminal LMFAO! That's a good one, I'll have to remember that. Too bad you didn't leave your name so I could credit you.

Juche power!

!!WAKE UP!! said...

The United States foreign policy and so called "free trade" agreement are a joke.
The United Nations ruled in favor of Canada and Canfor(Canadian Forest Products) calling the Canadian Softwood Lumber terrif the illegal taxation of free trade, stating the United States must pay back 6 billion dollars worth of illegally alocated funds.
You'd think it never happened because nothing has been paid and probably never will be.
I wasn't at all surprised to see the Americas Trade summit fail misserably.
"My confidence lies with those who honor their agreements"
-Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada
The crooked and sold out government of the United States has honored nothing. They now ilegaly tax free trade at lesure just as the British Empire taxed the 13 colonies prior to the Declaration of Independance July,4,1776.
United Nations law clearly states that colonies can only prosper when they can trade thier goods between colonies untaxed so be sure to chalk another one on George Herbert Walker Bush Jr's list of International crimes.
I can't wait until Canada closes the border to the United States and we get to watch America self destruct into a third world nation.
With a 1 Trillion Dollar National defecit I don't think it would take long if the whole world boycotted the United States all at once.

androstenone said...

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