Sunday, September 03, 2006

Always Working Together For The People - Part 1

The Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, prolific author, superlative scientist, remarkable film maker, and invincible military commander has been at the helm of the Juche revolutionary cause of the Korean people for a long time.

Their own experience tell the Korean people that they are blessed with the Songun leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il who takes over the leadership of the Juche revolutionary cause from the Great Leader Kim Il Sung.

This is the first part of the Korean documentary "Always Working Together For The People".


KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

Yea yea.
Everyone has already seen this movie...

Banner Of Songun said...

Why do you hate freedom, Comrade KnightofGoodMrIronMan?

woegookbun said...

Comrades, I noticed in this movie, the narrator notes that KIS spent many years concentrating on his successor, KJI. KJI is also advancing in age. Has he groomed any successors in an attempt to mimic the wisdom of his father?

wae_gook_in said...


As you know, the KimJongIl has 3 sons to which he can choose from to continue the Communist Monarchy that runs N. Korea. The first one fell out of favor because he is a fat ugly fucker that got caught w/ an fake passport in Japan (trying to get his stupid ass to Disney Land). The 2nd son has major hormone issues and has a nice pair of tits. The 3rd one...probably too young...but would probably be the best choice since he has lesser amounts of bullshit in his head....

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

Dear leader is eternal. There is no need of succesion.

Jeju_Do said...

Just like the so-called Great Leader who died of a heart-attack. Pfft...

Amerasian in Daegu said...


Everyone knows that because KimIlSung opened his doors to the US and started to work w/ them, KimJongIl had him killed.

Plain and simple. Sure, I don't have proof....just like everything that is written here, but since I stated it, it must be true!

Oh by the way...its a scientific fact! ahahahhaaaa...

Jeju_Do said...

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

On the contrary Bjorke, they are not dissenters but they are the kabul of Bushist lackies that lord over the people in the west. They represent mainstreem thought in the west and are retarded monkies. They steal the peoples eardrums and the peoples puppies to make life misserable.

Aha! A contradiction! Hero of Mt. Paetku says that this picture represents most of the west which you presume us to be socialism which you infer it to be bad. The photo states a Minneapolis-based National Socialism movement. Yet in the movie "North Korea, A Day In The Life" that you so believed in, there was a section that clearly have said from a North Korean official government broadcaster, "...socialism is a success(in North Korea)."

Please watch the trailer for that movie. "
NK%20Trailer%20512k.wmv" Copy/Paste the link above between the quotes and see for yourself. Around 44 seconds into the trailer, you will find a Korean to Dutch translation caption that says "...het socialisme is een succes..." which when translated to english means "socialism is a success".

Songun claimed that the North Koreans are one and states that everyone has the same viewpoint. Is this true? From looking at the facts that I have brought to the table, you will find that it is all false.

Banner of Songun and Hero of Mt. Paetku has been stripped of their credibility. They couldn't possibly be more wrong than Adnan Hajj on the photos of Lebanon.

Back to the quote, Hero of Mt. Paetku states that socialism takes away your thinking and vital senses. North Korea is a socialist country so therefore by what Hero of Mt. Paetku says, North Koreans had their thinking and vital senses taken away.

Reading all of Taegukgi, Aaron Kinney, Bjorke, and all the others who have spoken against your contradictions, you have done nothing but to stray from the subject and try to make up facts to "comeback". This is another example of North Korea's so-called "propoganda". Just a bunch of lies.

Yet again Songun and Hero of Mt. Paetku, you have evaded the topic. Just another desperate tactic to try to avoid the errors in your propoganda.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

jeju-do, why do you post the same thing everywhere. You are a hysteric and need mental hygine clinic. Come to DPRK now for a free treatment in one of our many free clinics.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

제주도 you seem to have fallen into the crater lakes one to many times.
Perhaps you lost family in the massacres?
South "Fake" Korea dosent even like you and omits your land from its history. Join DPRK now and know true freedom and acceptance. Dear Leader makes love to all the people. Did you know that Dear Leader is the model all harubang are made from?
May I suggest the salted clams or perhaps the Salted Hairtail Fish. May help your eardrums go back so you can listen to truth again.

Jeju_Do said...

A couple of months ago, South Korea stamped my approval to enter the country. It looks like you pulled up a Jeju-do website and copy/pasted the username in Korean.

Why does it take me three times to post just to get your attention? This proves that North Korean propoganda doesn't have lies to answer with each question asked.

KimJongIl eats out goats! said...

Dear Leader makes love to all the people!

Yeah that is right....I got this from the Hero of Mt. Paektu.

Again, Dear Leader makes love to all the people!

That includes the Hero of Mt. Paektu.

One question: If North Korea is the workers paradise, then why do so many NorKs defect? If you say that they are dumb and that their element isn't needed in your world, why do the boarder guards kill them if they catch them running away?

Kinda sounds like prison doesn't it?

AND ALSO, if Hero was actually a NorK why doesn't he write in Korean. He was able to write 제주도..why not more? I am sure most of here can read and write in Korean so the meat of the message won't be missed. Please write in korean...that way we can actually tell if you are a retard or not a NorK. Don't rely on the translators on the web...they suck!

김정일은 자지를 많이먹는다!!

Damn...its been a minute since I wrote in Korea....take me back!

Aaron Kinney said...

Hero of M.t Paektu,

You of all people should not be talking about freedom. The DPRK denies freedom to its citizens.

Are citizens of the DPRK free to leave the country? NO! When DPRK citizens try to leave, the government stops them.

If they get caught in China, the Chinese government usually turns them over back to the DPRK.

If they merely want to travel abroad, they are almost always denied the FREEDOM to do so.

Aaron Kinney said...

And if I were a citizen of the DPRK, would I be FREE to start an electric power company, for example?

Or would I be free to start my own airline? Or maybe my own television station? Or my own newspaper?

Nope! I would not be free to do any of those things!

Would I be free to stand in the streets of Pyongyang and hand out literature in support of the FREE MARKET?


Hero of Mt. Paektu, you have no idea what freedom is.

Freedom is slef-ownership. It is self-determination. The DPRK denies self-ownership and self-determination to EVERY SINGLE ONE of its citizens, except of course for Kim Jong Il.

The DPRK allows its citizens less freedom than even the United States with its ridiculous Patriot Act.

Primus Sucks said...

The US hasn't exactly been true to it's claims of freedom under the Bush Administration, but at least its citizens are guaranteed their rights. The North Korean government claims to guarantee these rights, and when people try to exercise them, they subdued by the government.

Songun and Paektu wouldn't be getting so much flak if they actually responded to our remarks sensibly instead of continuing to spread the propagand Kim Jong puts out.

The Red Flag of Gayness said...

I will respond for Songun and Paektu:

It is a scientific fact that the citizens of the DPRK have eternal freedom in the sunlight provided by the Dear Leader. Under the Dear Leaders rule, we have freedom unlike anything the world has ever seen. The freedom we have is far superior to that of the so called United States. The fact that we have a superior form of freedom is also a scentific fact.

Everyone in the world knows that everyone in the United States is hungry and must work 18 hours a day to feed the enormous ego and apetite of Bush. It is also another scientific fact that Bush steals ear drums from little kids and eats them for breakfast along w/ all the puppies he stole from the children of the DPRK. We will stand united w/ all the world progressives to fold his face!

Hail Juche! Hail! Hail! Hail!

Hahahha! How was that? Its not hard to mimic these retards is it? I don't have to say anything that I can prove, just random retarded shit.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

You will note that there is a so callede "Lincoln Continental" in the video. This proves that DPRK invented the car. The west obviously copied this design and reverse enginered it in the fashion of counter-revolutionary monkey lovers and eardrum theives.

Jeju_Do said...

You will note that Lincoln Continental is an American car.

It proves nothing more than the scarce existence of cars in North Korea. Also, cars were invented before North Korea and the birth of Kim Il Sung.

Again, your last statement proves my point of how you divert from the subject and try to "comeback". Touche.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

As I stated it was stolen design from DPRK known as the Kim Il Sung Peoples Car. It was invented by Dear Leader and named for his father the Eternal Great Leader in a diplay of Juche ferver.
Why do you continue to misquote me. Has bush stolen your retinas as well as you ear drums? I am sad for you. You should move to DPRK were scientists under the briliant guidance of Dear Leader will fix your eyes, ears and mind.

Jeju_Do said...

Again, you contradict yourself. You still say Socialism takes away your "eyes and ears", yet North Korea is a socialist country. Everything you say is a contradiction. Anyone who observed our debate knows that your attempt to give such false and contradicting statements is pathetic and an act of desperation. Could there not be any pragmatic solution to the mental illness you posses?

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

I never said this you retrograde reationary zelot. I said bush steals peoples eardrums, retinas, puppies, dirt from under DPRK roads and the windows from very large hotels. He also steals the front wheels from childrens bikes and the shoes of DPRK workers. All this to lord over and make the peoples life miserable and make a big profit. These are irrefutable facts of science. Open your eyes, ears and mind and you will see what is REALLY going on here.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

p.s. anyone who follows our debate will have the scientific fact confirmed that you are retarded.

Jeju_Do said...

Could it be that I'm a retard? Or is it the fact that its just your perspective because you have nothing more to say. Bjorke said that the photo included in the Amerikkka post with the Socialists does not represent the majority view. Then you commented back and said "On the contrary Bjorke, they are not dissenters but they are the kabul of Bushist lackies that lord over the people in the west. They represent mainstreem thought in the west and are retarded monkies. They steal the peoples eardrums and the peoples puppies to make life misserable." Over and over again, your comments contradict and therefore what you said was a retarded statement.

Hey Hero....ACT RIGHT said...


Dude, I feel for you. Debating w/ Hero is like having a debate w/ a child. A child does not understand that he/she has to justify what he/she says. All he/she knows is that their daddy told them something and they will defend it till they are blue in the face because he/she is a CHILD. Don't waste your time and breath because you can't win. I am not saying you can't win because he has proven or will prove you wrong but because he is a dumb ass mofo and its just not worth the time. Hero will say something stupid (ex: The sky is green today) when everyone and their mothers (Goats when talking about KimJongIl) that its blue. He will realize he fucked up but won't admit it because again...he is a child.

GROW THE FUCK UP HERO! If you want to debate and have a conversation/debate then come at us w/ mature and intellegent comments.

Here is an example of what not to say: "It was invented by Dear Leader and named for his father the Eternal Great Leader in a diplay of Juche ferver." I am not quite sure what ferver is (probably a word invented by KimJongIls ass when he farted). If you want to keep up stupid shit like that then, why can't we just say that we invented kimche. We also invented the Hanbok, Soju, and the first to discover Mt. Paektu. Did you know that KimJongIls family is actually japanese? Any retard will know that this isn't true but for some reason you do believe the shit you do say. I will pray that you will actually drop the act and come at us and try to understand each other. If you want to keep the immature act up, we can all play along to.


Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

nice language comrade, do you kiss your mother with that mouth or is it boyfriend?

Act Right said...


Thats your reply? Wow....

It was your call and you made it.

Nice Language? You talk down to everyone and everything that isn't KimJongIl and North Korea but when someone says to you to act and talk like a mature adult, you come back like this.

I don't know why you want to continue to talk like a child. If you don't want to have a debate just say so. Don't explain why but just say no.

I hope you can come to the table someday so we can actually talk like adults. It was your call and will continue to be your call. We have all the time in the world and am willing to take bets that we have more time than you do (your regime won't last much longer...KimJongIl doesn't have the quality that KimIlSung had).

Good luck!

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jeju_Do said...

"Comment Deleted

This post has been removed by the author."

Another reason why North Korea's "propoganda" is contradictory to their so-called constitution.

Cobra Kai said...

Sometimes the truth hurts too much doesn't it? Its ok Songun, we all get our feelings hurt....but I doubt anyone would act as a child and actually remove comments.

Little kids say: Sticks and Stones may break my bones but WORDS will never hurt me. are weaker than a child!

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

Cobra Kai, what a stupid name. Hollywood movies are a waste of time. Kome to DPRK and you can name yourself after a DPRK patriotic movie person.

Jeju_Do said...

Yet another contradiction. Kim Jung Il loves Hollywood movies. So you're saying that Kim Jung Il is wrong when he loves to watch them?

Hero keeps getting his ass whipped! said...


Jeju has got you once again. You keep running your lips w/out knowing who you support! You aren't North Korean are you? What are you? Where are you from? Why can't you keep an argument w/out using the following words: Eardrum, puppies, fold, face, Jap, Jew, etc, etc, etc?

Also, if you know what Cobra Kai is then you must be a person who is older than 20 years of age....which is truly sad because of ALL THE RETARDED SHIT YOU WRITE! DAMN BITCH! YOU ARE STUPID!!

Go jump off a fucking building!

Anonymous said...

This blog is a waste of bandwith. Long live George W. Bush. Lil'Kim (the chia pet) is a mere fool compared to the glorious W.