Tuesday, August 22, 2006

True Face Of Japan



Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I lived in Japan. Those guys are on the streets because they choose to be. On another note, having been to many countries, the Japanese derilects live in luxery as compared to ones in other countries. And besides Mr Songon blogger, a single picture does not represent the true face of Japan. You have the conclusive skills of a 3 year old.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

Comrades, this is further evidence that only Juche and Songun lead to freedom and comfort. This image is unheard of in DPRK where Dear Leader is without peer in humankind history. The revolution in DPRK knows no setbacks and Dear leader is unimaginably intelligent and handsome.
Anonymous posters on the otherhand are unintelligent and leed lives filled with setbacks. Even their mommies didn't love them enought to give them a name.

Anonymous said...

Beware! A spammer is on the loose! Probably an Nip fascist-imperialist.

Hail Juche!

Mal Renyolds said...

Actually, you do relize that the true face of Japan is one of the riches nations on Earth and that picture could just as well considered the true face of North Korea.

WesternHemisphereRules! said...


Taegukgi said...

Hero of Mt. Paektu, this image doesn't prove anything in North Korea's side of the issue. There may be 1000's of these kinds of people in Japan, but there's millions of them in North Korea. Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. I bet you never have been to Japan in your life.

Banner of Songun, according to your immature and simply ignorant logic, I can just post videos of millions of North Koreans living in harsh conditions and refugees trying to get to South Korea for better life. You know you don't want to believe anything in those videos. So how is your videos posted on the site proving North Korea's position? If you think that the videos that are given in my example are false, what makes your videos more true? You need to learn about propoganda before posting. There's too much contradiction in it. You do so horrible of making up stuff that, 5 year olds can do better.

Hero of Inchon said...

Hero of Mt. Paektu, you most likely read a wikipedia article about communism and now you think your a champion of the worker. The fact of the matter is you know nothing about communism, and nothing about the murderous regime of Kim Jong Il. Your "Dear Leader" has shown much indifference towards his own people which you say he claims to love so much. People are starving in North Korea and you, by spewing out all this communist propaganda are assisting in the starvation of millions of Koreans. How can you sleep at night knowing this. You must be as cold, and devoid of any conscience as Kim Jong 'Mentally' Il.

Taegukgi said...

Hero of Inchon couldn't be more correct.

Hero of Mt. Paektu, I feel bad for you. Kim Jung Il must have taken your consciousness away. Now you lay in life, in a dream of lies and false pride. Someday you will wake up and realize how wrong you were. You know, it takes an average of 5 minutes for North Koreans when they step into South Korea to realize how much their "dear leader" placed them into an illusion. You and Banner of Songun on the other hand, compared to a real Korean, are very dumb and illogical. Unable to use common sense, both of you are fed with the so-called "attractive" false promise of the Juche ideal. 6 billion people in this world know not to believe someone else for everything, but to use their senses to learn from life and to be attentive to their surroundings. What a shame, you, Banner of Songun, Jung Il and Il Sung are to humanity.

Syngman Rhee said...

Excellent work Taegukgi and Hero of Inchon, now allow me enter the fray. Hero of Mt. Paektu and Banner of Songun, how can both of you turn a blind eye to the suffering of Koreans in the North. They are dying by the thousands, and you will excuse the Stalinist regime in Pyongyang for this? How can you say that North Korea is a workers paradise when everyone who has ever escaped from there has said what a dreadful place it is. You probably do not even live in North Korea, so it must be easy for you to sit at your desks and write about the perfection of the DPRK without having to find out what it really is like there.

Bing Bong Bang said...

You know, I find it funny that the only images or footage of a "good" North Korea is always endorsed by North Korea itself or its supporters. I have yet to see a foreigner reveal nice images of North Korea. Oh wait, I forgot. Your miserable North Korean government barely lets anyone in your forsaken country anyway. Before you go posting the "reality" of other countries, post the true reality of lovely, dear North Korea first. You pitiful fool.

FreeNK said...

face of Japan? How many people have already told you that Japan is one end of the scale while N. Korea is on the other. It would do you so much good to tell the truth about the North. Think of the influence and knowledge you are able to provide to the entire world and even others who are similar to yourself. If you know the truth, tell it. You have a choice now to do the right think and help people you call friend/family/comrade.

Someday we will all be on the same side. Someday we will all enjoy each others company and sit at the same table. Until we can stop talking shit and spreading lies, it won't happen.

Free North Korea so we can all go on w/ our lives. Yes...we care about N. Korea. Yes, we want people there to be free/happy/safe.

Anonymous said...


at least that guy is arrived at the age of 4x?

Aaron Kinney said...

The prosperity of a society is proportional to the amount of freedom that they have.

Freedom means no coercion. And coercion (in terms of government) includes things like: compulsory military service, taxes, being forbidden to produce a good or provide a service (anti-competition), and state-run monopolies that force its citizens to only use its version of a product or service.

The key to prosperity is freedom. And that means truly free markets, free association, and freedom to choose where to spend your money (not being forced to spend it through taxes).

Nothing can be more important than ones own life. For if you die for your country, then your country is by definition no longer important to you, because your consciousness has ceased to exist. It is logically impossible to maintain the value of a thing above and beyond the value of your own existence, because when your existence is discarded or sacrificed, you are no longer able to value the thing that you sacrificed your existence for.

Individuals are the foundation of any society. You cannot have a secure and prosperous society without securing the foundation of it first. And the only way to secure the foundation of a society is to put prime importance and sovereignty onto each and every individual, above and beyond the collective nationalist or government values.

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Aaron Kinney why do you hate freedom?

Taegukgi said...

Banner of Songun, why do you hate freedom?

You should look up the definition of freedom other than a North Korean dictionary. According to Dictionary.com, it means 'the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.' Now obviously in North Korea, that doesn't exist because you don't give freedom of speech. Rather, you and 'Jung Il' try to silence those who have diffrent ideas. Banner of Songun, you are the biggest hypocrite of any Koreans or in your case, wannabe Korean.

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Taegukgi you are wrong, being a victim of the criminal US imperialist propaganda.

No nation is more free in the world than the DPRK under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il.

The Constitution of the DPRK grants freedom of speech as a natural human right for all Koreans, how then could there not be freedom of speech in the DPRK?

If you consult the Constitution of the DPRK you will see this to be true.

There was a time however when the Korean people were not free, enslaved by the criminal wicked Jap raectionary militarists who lorded it over the Korean people. But under the wise guidance of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung the Korean people liberated themselves with the Juche Revolution and became the independant great prosperous powerful country of man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialism.

All world people thus celebrate the DPRK as the homeland of freedom and human rights, castigating the criminal US imperialists as the worst human rights abusers in humankind history.

Taegukgi said...

I know about the Japanese. I'm a Korean you know. I know Koreans fought side-by-side against the Japs and kicked them out of Korea. Here's something you don't know. The United States nuked Japan because it was an imperialist who bombed our own land. Using the imperialist term to label America would make you more wrong than ever. I believe Iraq was a bad choice but that idea wasen't supported by the United States alone. It was that over 40 nations, including South Korea who supported the United States. If you think South Korea is a "US puppet", then North Korea is a Chinese puppet. North Korea would collapse if China didn't bear the pains of failure by Il Sung. North Korea isn't economically self-sustainable.

About the "fake" constitution, if there's 100% control over the government, then "Jung Il" is free to do whatever he wants, which is what's happening. There's no opposing political party in North Korea to correct many mistakes Jung Il made. What if I went to North Korea and I said I didn't support Juche? Just as you would wish I wasen't here to own you in this debate, Jung Il would want to put me in the many concentration camps all over North Korea.

In that the DPRK is free, it is free to force people to starve to death, free to throw any oppossing to the government, and free to take control of people inside and out.

You need to stop labeling people. It makes you look like you can't say anything to continue this debate. I'm rather a Korean who supports capitalism and real democracy. There's more than two times of the number of Korean supporters of my idea than the so-called "Juche" idea.

In this case, you are wrong.

Hero of Inchon said...

HAHAHA! DPRK's "Constitution" That document has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. Banner of Songun, if they people of North Korea are as free as you claim they are, then aren't they free to choose their own leader? Why does the DPRK Constitution call for the sucession of leaders rather than the people choosing who they want to lead them. If people have the freedom of speech why are they required to be apart of the communist party? And if people have freedom why are they prevented from leaving the country if they wish too? Banner of Songun, you are a hypocrit, you spew out communist reteric you probably do not even live in North Korea or any other communist country. Why don't you move to North Korea and experience the governments hospitality?

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Taegukgi and Comrade Hero of Inchon are both delusional and a cure of black pine needle extract would do them well. There are elections in the DPRK and Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the peerlessly great brilliant Mt. Paektu-type general is the duly elected leader of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is shown here.

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade taegukgi that the south Korean "government" "supported" the criminal US imperialist invasion of Iraq is only the proof that it is nothing more than a puppet front of the zionist jews trying to establish the foothold of world conquest in Asia using Korea as a stepping-stone. South Korea has been nothing but a colonial outpost of the zionist in Asia since the days of the criminal jew Syngman Rhee fascist dictatorship. The Songun Blog team of socialist scientific researchers have unhearted proof which will be posted therewith soon, to reveal the true colors of the so called "governement" of Seoul.

Hero of Inchon said...

Banner of Songun, do you call hereditary succession of a leadership post, a free election? Your propaganda video only proves how dillusional you are. There have been no elections in North Korea. And according to the video you posted, the only one who says there have been is Kim Jong Il. And we all know how honest Kim Jong Il is. Example, during the Clinton administration your "Dear Leader" was given a nuclear reactor. He promised not to enrich uranium to produce nuclear weapons, he then proceeded to ignore this promise, and pursue nuclear weapons anyway. Another example of your leader's honesty is how he continues to promise that food aid sent to the DPRK is going to the common people, when in fact it all goes to the military, and government officials.

Taegukgi said...

Maybe in North Korea where everyone's poor, pine needles can be needed. But you should know that in South Korea and elsewhere in the world, we use stainless steel for acupuncture.

Your second post proves nothing more than your racist and sophmoric remarks about certain groups. All you do is create more enemies for North Korea. Didn't Il Sung have a good strategy for you, or is that just another one of the "so-called" part of Juche(just be blind and dumb). Banner of Songun, I see your desperation to try to beat me on this debate. Let me tell you, its not working.

The only official Korean government located in Seoul who you call with lies provides most of the food for North Koreans. That same government you called with racist remarks has a "reunification policy" with the backing of President Bush. You should have seen Dorasan station. If you don't know, Dorasan station was built by the government who you call facist who dreamed of one day being able to take a train from Seoul to Pyongyang and beyond. President Bush also came and to sum up his words, he said that he wished reunification happens in a peaceful manner. If you don't believe me, you should visit it yourself. Do you know how many jews are in the United States? Only 5 million out of the 300 million people in the United States are jews. By calling Americans who was in Korea jews, you are thereby ignoring facts and making up your own. This proves that North Korean propoganda was horribly engineered and in conclusion, false.

I'd like to see how many more "facts" you make up, how many more of this "North Korean propoganda" you say, before realizing that what you say is very shallow in meaning.

seoul master said...

What do you mean using Korea as a "stepping stone" to conquer the world? The US has only been working along side with south Korea in all foreign matters such as the Iraq war and going against your Dumb leader kim jong il. The US has no interest in taking over south korea, as it would be losing one of its strongest allies, along with one of its major allies against North Korea itself! However, invading and destroying your pitiful country's government, along with your maniac leader, is a whole other story. So, songun-fool, I suggest you watch out and be on the look out on what the US will do next to your racist, nut-job, demented "leader".

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Taegukgi your obsessional anti-semitism is showing.

Taegukgi said...

Banner of Songun, again you don't know what anti-semitism is. You again are a hypocrite. Allow me to define anti-semitism for you. According to wikipedia.com, it means 'hostility toward or prejudice against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group, which can range in expression from individual hatred to institutionalized, violent persecution.'

So you can tell me that your statement above which says, "South Korea has been nothing but a colonial outpost of the zionist in Asia since the days of the criminal jew Syngman Rhee fascist dictatorship." is not anti-semitism?

How about your other statement which directly states, "...The racist filthy Jews championing the cause of capitalist aggression in the Middle-East..." from the Jews Running Amok To Push A Brink post isn't anti-semitism?

Banner of Songun, you obviously don't know what anything is.

Banner Of Songun said...

And how could you construde that it is not factual truth. Was Syngman Rhee not a puppet dictator put in place by the criminal US imperialists?

Was lebanon not invaded by Jews under the signboard of a campaign against "terrorism"?

When did you and reality part ways, Comrade Taegukgi?

We bet you even deny the Gwanju Massacre.

Anonymous said...

call me comrade Max,
i'm totally against war and i hate the fascist imperialist made by US, anyway the fascism still even in your freedomland called DPRK, no more or less than the STalin period in Russia, all the good socialist ideas raped by a sick mind

i don't need to read or to watch to imperialist Televisions or disinformation sites, i just can see what is true or not with my eyes

Taegukgi said...

No, the real question is, how can you place such lies? Syngman Rhee was voted President by Parlimentary vote in May of 1948, defeating Kim Koo. He desired himself to become a leader of South Korea. He also desired to negotiate with the north but they were becoming socialists with diffrent ideas.

About Lebanon, did Hezbollah not attack northern Israel? The whole conflict started when Hezbollah initiated a diversionary Katyusha rocket and mortar attack on Israel's border villeges. Also, Hezbollah crossed the border and attacked on the ground. How can you justify this?

I do know of the Gwangju Massacre. The people were tired of dictatorship and so violently protested. After, these dissidents of the dictator government decided to create the Peace and Democracy Party. This is called a transition to Democracy, one that should also happen in North Korea. They should end the leadership of the Kims and establish a Democracy.

I know you like to jump topics and see what I know which is much more than you know. You keep jumping topics as to try and avoid defeat. As I said before, your "North Korean propoganda" is all just shallow in meaning.

Banner Of Songun said...

"The people were tired of dictatorship and so violently protested."

Aha! Even you admit the south Korean people live under the brutal fascist dictatorship. Comrade taegukgi there is hope yet for you.

Taegukgi said...

Banner of Songun, North Korea still has brutal fascist dictatorship. That's the diffrence, while South Koreans think for themselves and are allowed to express what political views they had, North Koreans are stuck in a "hampster's wheel" of the tyrant and ursurp dictatorship of the Kims. To you and the North Koreans, there's no hope.

I feel sorry for you, being stuck in that position your whole life, while in the back of your mind you feel the natural need that is in every human for self-expression and freedom, your very sorrowful lack of thinking will cost your time and eventually your life.

I'd like to hear more of these shallow "propoganda statements". As you are wrong in every direction in this debate, you find ways to make up facts in order to try make things go your way. People from all walks of life tell you infantile and counterfactual you are.

Taegukgi said...

This is how insecure you are. Someone like me with a lot of knowledge and common sense comes around, and you thinking that my comments makes more people feel that they should go against you which what I'm saying reassures people that Juche is wrong and North Korean propoganda is all lies and have no backing of physical proof. Then you try desperatly to comment with terminological inexactitude statements to try in every way to defeat me.

I also feel bad because even Bush can get more supporters than you in a year even if many people like myself don't like him. You've been trying to disprove almost every single person who comes because they all know you are wrong. There is no proof on this site. There's a billion times more things that proves you wrong in this world. Maybe people like Hero of Inchon and myself won't be spending long on this site, but there's always new people who are coming with diffrent accounts and perspectives and down to the core of almost all of them, they find you wrong because they've been there and done that. People, unlike you who just sit by a computer spending hours trying to fight everyone who comes and disproves you wrong, they(people) go out into the world and experience for themselves. Could it be time for you to stop being ignorant? I guess not, I feel sorry for you then.

You can stay hours on this computer, or you can go out into the world and discover for yourself. Stop taking Jung Il's perspective and stop sucking his dick because that doesn't help you to get the truth of things.

The thing is, Banner of Songun and Hero of Mt. Paektu(i bet its just one person just to make u look better hahaha), be human, not programmed "robots".

I got a life and you don't. So go get one and stop hurting your eyes looking at the computer screen all day. Stop making veins pop out of your forehead with people constantly owning you.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

I feel great sorrow and pain in my heart for Comrade Taeguki and others. You have been posting your western inspired delusions on this site as well as reactionary, counter revolutionary rhetoric. It is an irrefutable fact of science that Songun policy and Juche ideas are the only effective methods of governance and have not known one setback. It is also undeniable that Dear Leader makes love to all the people, Korean or not. Many in the west have been coerced and worse to support the puppet regimes and the Bushist kabul in the so called white house. SUch retrograde and retarded people are deluded to the point of pig dogs. The crimes of the west are well documented buy the progressives and the free media of DPRK. I recomend the KCNA site for unbiased reporting of the truth. And lastly, because true progressive thinking people are united as one under the banner of Songun and through juche does not mean only one person is posting on this blog.

Anonymous said...

It is also undeniable that Dear Leader makes love to all the people, Korean or not.

So. Kimmy has sex with you at night? That does explain some things. :P

Jeju_Do said...

From looking at this debate here. Taegukgi outright wins. He presents a good discussion and you, banner of songun, can only divert from the topic and try to "comeback" with it, only to lose over and over. Then you add a touch of homosexuality. I bet most of the people here are doubting your sexual preference right now.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

I have never felt more ill reading these western inspired lies and propaganda. Unfortunatly these western idealogs lack proper mental hygiene. All DPRK people are free to choose thier leadership. The people of DPRK are the leadership. The people are united as one in a revolutionary fervor, united in Juche spirit under the brilliant leadership of thier chosen leader the peerlessly brilliant Dear Leader and the eternal Geat Leader.
DPRK is a true socialist state where the people have all the power and share the nations wealth and industy. Dear Leader is a representitive of all the people.
The people stay in DPRK because to go elswhere would subject them to the degradations of the poor souls living in the west.
As for talk of south Fake Korea feeding the DPRK and Clinton "Giving" a nuclear reactor to DPRK you have been mis-informed. The rice from the south is tibute rice given to DPRK for it's protection of the south from the wicked jap reactionaries. The issue of the reactor is comical. It is a fact of science that DPRK technology is vastly superior to the west. The US offered this inferior reactor for DPRK scientists to study and improve so the US will have no further Three Mile Island incidents.

Jeju_Do said...

If you feel soo ill, then why do you try to attempt to give such bias? If you don't want to hear it, then go to North Korea and stay there. We all know you can't handle the truth of the 6 billion people who stand against the so-called "Juche" ideal.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

On the contrary comrade, all who yearn to be free can do so buy applying Juche thought and actions. The people of DPRK hope some day that the world will come to know the freedom we in DPRK experience daily through the loving and humanitarian leadership of Dear Leader, the peerlessly brillian lode star of all humankind. We in the DPRK have known not even one setback under Dear Leader.

gmfeafs said...


The Kim's are your setback!

primus sucks said...

We in the DPRK have known not even one setback under Dear Leader.

That's because Kim lies to you. He wants you to believe that your system has no setbacks. The "setbacks" of the system are all around you!

Open your eyes and your mind. The North Korean people are suffering, yet Kim Jong tells them that they have a great life. He claims that the living conditions of the country are fantastic; in comparison to other countries with stable governments like the US, Canada, and most of Western Europe, the living conditions of North Korea are bad.

Your "free elections?" When was the last election? Who ran against Kim Jong? No one! Not because no one wants to run against him because he's a "great leader," but because anyone who would try would be kidnapped, and any news of the plans would be kept from the masses.

Your leader is a cruel liar.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

Lies, lies, lies. You are a brigandly coward that knows no bounds in your slanderous and treasonous remarks. You also have yet to post a coherent statement.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

This is a family picture of jeju-do.

Anonymous said...

Someone's mad. LOL.
Hero of Mt. Paektu got pwned.

D. A. Shaw said...

it doesn't show a single face of Japan.

it shows the face of 1 man.

Its like saying the most evil Kim is your typical North Korean. Not true, I'm sure most North Koreans have more respect and thanks for allies China.