Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jews Running Amok To Push A Brink

The racist filthy Jews championing the cause of capitalist aggression in the Middle-East under the false pretense of combatting "terrorism" are running amok with the invasion of Lebanon in pursuit of the progressive human-rights advocacy group Hezbollah, committing the egrerious war crimes against humanity such as stealing Lebanese children's eardrums and tastebuds to make cookies to push the situation to a brink at the behest of the criminal Us imperialists and with the complicity of the wicked Japs. This situation is vehemently denounced by a DPRK independant progressive human-rights advocacy group reports Xinhua :

DPRK calls on international investigation into civilian killings in Lebanon

PYONGYANG, Aug 17 (Xinhua) -- A human rights group of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Thursday accused Israel of causing a humanitarian disaster in Lebanon during the 34-day-old war and called for a full-scale investigation.

"The recent Israeli military invasion of Lebanon claimed the lives of many innocent civilians and violated human rights," said a statement issued by the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies (AHRS).

The statement accused Israel of killing dozens of civilians in Lebanon, saying "the infringement upon [a nation's] sovereignty and the mass killings of civilians by a war of aggression are the biggest human rights abuses recognized by the international law."

"It is the top priority of the international community to make a thorough investigation into the case and punish the chief criminals responsible for the crisis in Lebanon," it said.

The statement also slammed the United States for adopting double standards on human rights.

"The U.S. has revealed its true colors... by positively encouraging Israel in the aggression on Lebanon and the mass killings of civilians," said the statement.

Thus all world progressives join their voices together calling for the Jews to end and the Bush war criminal to be convicted of war crimes against humanity by the International Crimes Court at no delay and thus ensure world peace.

Jew aggression revealed


Taegukgi said...

Are you soo dumb? That image has been photoshopped by Adnan Hajj from Reuters. Incase you didn't know which you probably don't, Reuters is a British news agency, so don't go blaming "imperialist" Americans for distortion. North Koreans too have a double standard. They say about human rights for Lebanon but they can't adopt the same standards for its own people. Banner of Songun posted this so he can avoid the last post below this one where all the comments proved North Korean propoganda to be false.

I highly recommend that everyone check out the 'True Face of Japan' comments.

Anonymous said...

Because nooby wannabe north korea doesnt have pro photoshop in their fucking country. And they dont even know what it is.

SaveNK said...

Look at this Jackass. Taegukgi is sooooo correct. The whole world is taking shots at Adnan Hajj for manipulating these photos and this idiot posted it as "proof".

Human rights? Where does N. Korea get the right to say anything about Human Rights? Jews? You hate the jews? Again....didn't you claim that Dr. Albert Einstein is a professor at KIS University?

I am sure the Israeli Army did something that was not exactly par w/ the rules of engagement but lets not point fingers while you sit there and spread lies while innocent North Koreans are being killed just for trying to FIND FOOD!!

Anonymous said...

Taegukgi is an imperialist spy who is bankrolled by the Nips. Ignore his trite, childish remarks, comrades.

Hail Kim Jongil!

Anonymous said...

Nice comeback... You have committed the intelligence attack fallacey. Well done... I'm sure you can beat my little brother in an argument.

Amateur Security Analyst said...

I find it interesting that Songunblog deleted my comment about the anti-semitic component of DPRK propaganda. My comment was that it is ironic the DPRK has anti-semitism built into its propaganda, given that the origin of that precise propaganda is Czarist Russia. The Czar developed a conspiracy theory about Jews controlling the world (i.e. "The Elders of Zion) as a ploy to defeat the Bolsheviks in Russia. DPRK uses anti-socialist propaganda to control its people.

Maybe it's not so ironic. It appears that the DPRK is not a true socialist state; rather, it exists solely to support the regime of one single family, the Kims.

I also mentioned that it's troubling that the DPRK and the Islamist and non-democratic countries of the Middle East employ the same propaganda about Jews. It might be that these anti-American regimes will one day build an alliance by using anti-semitism as common ground. It's more specific than anti-Americanism, and is therefore easier to develop propaganda about it. Already the DPRK is known to collaborate with Iran on nuclear weapons development.

Taegukgi said...


I find it funny to see how when I make statements that prove North Korean propoganda to be all false, all the "Jung Il's supporters" can only call me names instead of trying to disprove what I say which all of it is true. They seem to forget that I'm Korean.

I still highly recommend that everyone check out the 'True Face of Japan' comments.

Aaron Kinney said...

How can a communist government be concerned with human rights when it produces videos that proclaim that their nation is more important than the individual citizens lives?

I would like to see the "DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies" investigate the DPRK stance that its own citizens lives arent as important, individually, as the collective nation.

I would like to see the "DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies" investigate the DPRK's prison camps.

I would like to see the "DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies" investigate the kidnapping of Japanese and South Korean citizens by the DPRK.

All governments are evil. They violate the most fundamental "human right": the right of consent. That includes the United States government, the Israeli government, and the North Korean government, and every other government in existence.

The evil of a government is equivalent to its pervasiveness in the citizens lives. Looks like the DPRK is simply a pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

Songun do you love the dear leader of North Korea?

Taegukgi said...

Its Songun, of course he blindly follows "Jung Il". He has this direct connection feed to his head that pumps North Korean propoganda all day instead of eyes, ears, and common sense that can have him see for what it is.

one of korean watcher said...

I'm veeeeery glad to find this great blog!!
I hope you write new article about a successor to Songun.

Which sons are being thought the successor in your country?
I want a successor being Kim Jong-nam.

He is not only 冷奴 "cool guy" but also otaku.

Anonymous said...

usa = israel = iran = dprk = shit

equality is good

think in this way

Anonymous said...

'Human rights group in DPRK' makes as much sense as "Jewish group in Nazi Germany".

Anonymous said...

Lenin spent his life combating anti-semitism, and then you come out and talk about "jew aggression." The DPRK is not a socialist country and neither are you. At best the DPRK is a backwards feudal theocracy.

Jeju_Do said...

If North Korea has a Human Rights group, then there's a charity for Bill Gates.


And Taegukgi is right, that image was photoshopped by Adnan Hajj.

kutabarechosen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kutabarechosen said...
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kutabarechosen said...

I wanted to write this message to share with all of you how much I love great leader Kim. He is without a doubt greatest leader, musician, father, lover, and professional bowler the world has ever seen and offers much support and inspiration to the great fighting workers of Juche. Together with Kim and our mighty penile swords of justice, truth, and knowledge we shall overcome our great imperialist enemy. Furthermore, with the pride of our Juche comrades and the unfailing financial support of the much-touted North Korean economic machine, we shall overcome the giant farting imperialist donkey. Here in North Korea we live great life. Everyone is happy and content, we all have enough to eat, no one is starving, really no one is starving, everyday there are at least three rainbows (their timing controlled of course not by nature, but by great leader Kim), everyone wears Hawaiian shirts on Fridays, we have nationally mandated vacation days where everyone plays our national sport, bumper bowling, (the sport invented by Great Leader and Savior Kim). My point is is that no one is starving or ever sad in North Korea unlike in imperialist nazi land. Everyone is happy and fulfilled in Great Leader Kim's sensual and loving embrace. He is truly a great lover, poet, and hero and is definitely not exploiting all of us as he spends all of our country's revenue on weapons and aquanet. I swear he is NOT exploiting us. We are all happy, we are all happy, we are all happy.

Heil Kim!

kutabarechosen said...

How can you seriously engage the people responsible for this weblog in dialogue? This site should be viewed as a comedic masterpiece at best and should not be taken seriously. Well done great Banner of Songun, well done. You are a true comic genius. Also, Great leader Kim you are without a doubt the most fashionable and heroic man that the world has ever seen. Congratulations Great Leader Comrade Kim on bowling your first 300 game. You truly are the master of the 7-10 split.

Jeju_Do said...

Again, posts deleted by the author. It shows that North Korea doesn't respect freedom.

Job said...

Nice photoshop job you have there. lol

D. A. Shaw said...

North Korea is going down. It might have started on principles that seemed sound enough.
But what Europe learnt from the two wars is that Nationalism and Facism are two dangerous forces.
It seems like China, North Korea has given up on its socialist principles and is now obsessed with power and fighting.

Private businesses now exist, why? Doesn't that contradict your society. No, because North Korea is about being nasty to its own and others.

The author is a blindman that hasn't realised the wool has been pulled over him. But perhaps he should just accept that he doesn't know enough about the rest of the world to comment on it.

John Pangia said...

This guy writes for Saturday Night Live, right? Right?

John Pangia at Exit 4

Jeju_Do said...

Has anyone watched Bobby Lee on Mad Tv?

Lol, he does that Jung Il impersonations! So funny~~~