Sunday, April 08, 2007

Views From Paradise

Lies propagated by the Bush clique-owned Pentagon-controlled amerikkkan so-called "media" spew the slanderous lies that the Korean people starve. This is obviously entirely false as the members of the reality-based community know very well since there are sweet potato available in the DPRK. There are even songs and music videos produced to glorify the sweet potato in the DPRK. No such endeavor is ever undertaken in the racist "USA".

This video clearly shows the reality of life in the DPRK where the comrades can eat sweet potato at will, thanks to the Juche-orientated man-based Korean-style socialist system chosen by themselves out of their own free will.

Long live the utopian socialist worker's paradise of Korean style! MANSE!


Dr. PRo said...

The vast majority of viewers are not able to spot out the hints to Finnish language in this blod...cunning.

Matt said...

You need more than sweet potatoes to feed a nation, dipshit.