Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kim Jong Il The Great Diplomat

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is renowned worldwide as a great diplomat of great intellectual power forging ahead in building an alliance of progressive nations united in peacefull anti-US anti-imperialist joint revolutionary struggle to topple down the criminal capitalist medieval system of exploitation, further isolating the criminal US imperialists, the wicked jap reactionary militarists, the southern puppet military dictatorship, as well as the jews into the corner of an insoluble dilemma crushing them from all sides with the inherent contradictions of consumerist bourgeois capitalism.

Acclaimed as a leading figure of the world Peace and Justice League, Dear Leader is often visited by officials and public figures of the progressive inclinaison from around the world. When in need of adroit suggestions as what to do to counter the US imperialists, world progressive leaders ask General Kim Jong Il for his wise guidance.

Thus Comrade Fidel Castro, Comrade Vladimir Putin, Comrade Yasser Arafat, Comrade Deng Xiaoping and countless others have met the respected Leader, benefiting from his deep scientific insight into the diplomatic matters and returned home to score great victories against the US imperialists and the jews, thus building a world of peace and human rights free from capitalist oppression.

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is the Great Diplomat.



Peter K Fallon, Ph.D. said...

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Why Do They Hate Us?

Even though conflict is big on television, not all wars infiltrate our consciousness. Where the United States or its (economic?) allies or (economic?) interests are not involved, war does not seem to exist for us. The Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Sweden report that on average 9 minor armed conflicts (where the number of deaths does not exceed 1000 during the course of the conflict), 12 intermediate armed conflicts (where the number of deaths exceeds 1000, but is fewer than 1000 in any given year), and 13 wars (with more than 1000 deaths a year) go on at all times somewhere in the world.

In the year 2000, war took the lives of 168,000 Africans, 65,000 Asians, 39,000 “middle-easterners,” 37,000 Europeans, and 2,000 Central and South Americans. At the same time, American arms manufacturers were making it possible for war to be the “booming business” that it is. Forty of the top one hundred arms-producing companies in the world are American companies with profits totaling $664 billion dollars in 1999. Over $93 billion of that profit comes from the manufacture and sale of weapons, more than the profit of the other 60 companies combined (US$64 billion). Is this not something Americans should know about?

Meanwhile, those in the less technologically developed world who are not dying in warfare are likely to be dying of disease or starvation. While the life expectancy of the average American was about 75 years in 2001, it was 65 for the Indonesian, 64 for the Russian, 45 for the Afghan, 39 for the Zambian, and 38 for the Rwandan and the Mozambiquan. While an American baby has 99.4% of survival after birth, the infant mortality rate is 2% for the Russian, 10% for the Ethiopian, almost 15% for the Afghan, and nearly 20% for the Angolan.

And while much of the “third world” believes that we care little for their welfare, many more question our motivations even less kindly. They believe we are more interested in exploiting their natural resources for our benefit, and exploiting their people for their cheap labor.

If terrorism is evil — and it is — this is terror’s recruiting station.

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K-2 said...

Hey!, you didn't name the great leader of Latinamerica President Hugo Chavez Frias, I feel shocked and insulted. Lt. Col. Chavez is the gresatest man in latinamerica history since simón Bolívar and not having being name among those who have spoken with Generalisimo Kim is an insult. I expect you retract and put it down.

Captain America said...

wow.... yeah dear leader is a swell guy. right up there with adolf hitler.

Cazman said...

He is bigger and better than Adolf Hitler. But you are quite right. Only, Adolf did not have the great smile like Kim does.