Friday, January 12, 2007

Always Working Together For The People - Part 6

Bush the war criminal warmongering mental retard stupid corporate redneck capitalist cowboy is evil to the point of sucking out the blood of veterans of his criminal wars of aggression, but the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman political genius, prodigious humanist and invincible military commander is a very loyal leader who take the loving care of the veterans of the Revolutionary Anti-Japanese Liberation War and the Fatherland Liberation War.

Dear Leader Kim Jong Il build a Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetary on the marvelous site. Great Leader Kim Il Sung said : "Comrade Kim Jong Il is the very loyal leader. In terms of his loving care and respect he is the very loyal leader." Dear Leader Kim Jong Il gave pride to the Korean people.

When the Great Leader went abroad to conduct international affairs he could always work in ease of mind knowing that Comrade Kim Jong Il was back home. "All the world leaders are envious of our country because of our solution to the problem of the Revolution's successor" said President Kim Il Sung.

This is part six of the Korean documentary "Always Working Together For The People"


A SImple Man said...

Raise high the red banner of songun, comrades. Dr. Fallon, the wests foremost master of the English Language, well known anti-imperialist and mighty warrior of the Mt. Paektu type has joined with us brothers and sisters. In a display of Juche ferver he has trounced the war criminal bushist clique of mental retards and surrender monkies. The west and it's allies, the likes of which include Jeju-do and amerasian in daegu, will rue the day that they ever pushed a brink. Dr. Fallons assistance with the retched imperialist language called english will in no doubt go down in history as an immortal act of revolutionary ferver.

Peter K Fallon, Ph.D. said...
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A SImple Man said...

You are praised by all correct thinking progressives. Dr Fallon I say to you Tiocfaidh Ar La. The Óglaigh na hÉireann praise you. Raise high the An Camchéachta. Bail ó Dhia is Mhuire duit!

James Waterton said...

Ah, that strange doctor has scuttled off. Perhaps realising his rather obsessive posting was more than a little self-defeating - and somewhat demeaning for a man his age - he's deleted all his posts. How quaint.

James Waterton said...

and somewhat demeaning for a man his age

I should add:

especially when juvenility is one of the main charges he levels at his opponents.

schultzie said...

Windbag. I didn't see you standing up to him. He challenged you once, and you disappeared. Phony.

James Waterton said...

A member of Dr Fallon's cheer squad is in our midst, I feel. Heavens, it could well be the good doctor in disguise.

He challenged you once

He did? I didn't notice - I'm not a particularly regular reader of this blog, so no doubt this "challenge" escaped my attention.

Regardless, he must have realised he was in error, considering the fact that he subsequently retracted his "challenge" to my post.